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Prime Mover Finance

Asset finance is our specialty. Yarra Finance can arrange competitive rates on finance for vehicles, plant, and equipment. We can guide you through the options regarding the different facilities that are available including

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Hire Purchase
  • Leasing
  • Rental
  • Novated Lease
  • Consumer Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance

We offer GAP COVER & EXTENDED WARRANTY as an add on for vehicle purchases. Policies are underwritten by Fortron Insurance Group limited. These policies give clients peace of mind limiting any extra out of pocket expenses in the even of a total loss or vehicle breakdown.

We also offer NEW VEHICLE BUYING SERVICE which saves you running around. Within an hour of us processing your enquiry you get contacted by a local new car dealer and they bring the vehicle to you for a test drive at a time of your convenience.

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We can Finance asset Purchases for business including

vehicle finance
Keeping Your Company Moving with Personalised Financing Solutions

Whether you are expanding your fleet or establishing a new business, at Yarra Finance we have the solution for you. We are accredited with Australia's most trusted lenders and are the proud recipient of the 2016 Westpac Equipment Finance Award.

Finance a Prime Mover for your Business

At Yarra Finance we understand that time is money, and commercial trucking requires Prime Movers of quality and reliability. Down time due to essential servicing or unexpected repairs can be minimised by investing in excellent vehicles. A pre-owned Prime Mover will require less capital outlay, but those initial savings will be compromised in the event that the truck is off the road for mechanical repairs. This is especially true if you're sole trader.

Buying new or pre-owned, we recommend:

  • Kenworth - Built in Melbourne and Bayswater, Kenworth Prime Movers are of world class build quality and their pre-owned trucks offer a Driveline Guarantee. Kenworths are built and designed for Australian conditions and their range of safety features are continuously upgrading. These safety features include their Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS), ABS and ECE29 (Certified Cab Strength). Kenworth has the only test rig in Australia internationally recognised to test ECEr/c29 cab strength and this standard is applied across their entire range.
  • Volvo - Internationally renowned for their safety, reliability and economy; quality is at the core of their entire design and manufacture. Volvo leads the world in technical innovation and their current range offers Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Emergency Brake, Lane Keeping Support, Driver Alert Support, Lane Changing Support and an Electronic Stability Program.
  • Freightliner - Freightliner is owned by Mercedes Benz. Their trucks come with Roll Stability Control, ABS and unparalleled driver comfort. Freightliner trucks are also fully imported to Australia from manufacturing plants in North America and their export models are built for the often harsh and variable Australian conditions.
  • Scania - Scania is a Swedish based company operating since 1891. We have assisted many clients finance Scania vehicles as they have a reputation for reliability and quality. Though they are best known for their commercial trucks, they also manufacture diesel engines. Today, they have plants in over 10 countries around the world.
Choosing the right Finance Option for your Prime Mover

Acquiring a new or pre-owned Prime Mover is a significant investment. Are you seeking outright ownership or not? We have a range of options and will tailor the right one to your specific requirements. Two examples are:

  • Chattel Mortgage: Ownership of the asset is conferred upon the owner once all payments are made, including the final payment. Your deposit will directly influence mortgage instalments and the final "balloon” payment is also negotiable, depending on agreed instalments.
  • Leasing: Leasing an asset such as a Prime Mover is tax deductible. The lease may be extended, modified or upgraded upon completion. Leasing allows you to know in advance exactly what your outlay will be and also provides the option to upgrade your asset.

Proudly Delivering Financial Expertise to Companies and Individuals Australia-wide

Prime Mover Finance in Melbourne, Sydney, Albury, Mildura & other Australian cities

Financial Accreditation

We regularly provide finance through (though not limited to):

  • ANZ
  • NAB
  • Macquarie Leasing
  • Westpac
  • Metro Finance
  • Capital Finance

Talk to us and we will help you achieve your goal, just as we have helped so many others. To gain a deeper understanding of our detailed and personalised prime mover finance services, clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Albury, Mildura, and other Australian cities can call us directly on 03 9561 8876. At Yarra Finance, we are passionate about getting you moving.

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Some of the lenders we are accredited with